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The Inner Strength Foundation provides innovative programs that use mindfulness training and perspectives in cultural development to help the youth of today become the great leaders of tomorrow.

Students share their experience:
ISF teen mindfulness video
External research shows positive results.
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12-Week Programs

Join our 2018 Campaign. Help 1600 students learn self regulation & contextual thinking!

Program Areas

Mind & Awareness

Time-honored, evidence-based tools to promote ease & self-reflection.

“I have come out of this program much wiser and more open-minded.” Shania, 16 year-old”

Brain Science

Biological growth stages & evolutionary conditioning.

“I learned how much our brain is developing and how much we need to take care of it.” Savannah, 16 years

Culture & Me

Historical context shows us where we come from and why our experience is colored the way it is.

“Meditation is a gateway to infinite reflection and reflection is what leads to success.” Antwain, 17 years

Art of Relationship

Compassion for self and other, learning to cultivate good habits of mind.

“It helped me communicate better with my friends and family about issues that I have.” Kendra, 16 years

In our incredibly complicated world, it’s good to know that we, as a school, are not only preparing our students academically, but also giving them the tools provided through mindfulness training…. Our students report that they are now able to “Stop and take a look at what’s really going on inside.”Sydney Bassman, Guidance Counselor, Bodine High School for International Affiars
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School Programs

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    12 Weeks

    The Teen Program runs once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.

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    In-School Program

    All programs are held in-school as part of a student’s regular curriculum.

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    Greater Philadelphia Area

    The Inner Strength Foundation has provided its Teen Program to over 3000 students in 11 public high schools in Philadelphia.

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    We are committed to making the program affordable for under-funded, under-resourced public schools. Program is underwritten for most Philadelphia Public High Schools. Charter, Private, and Suburban schools please contact ISF for pricing information.

Meditation has improved my focus and my ability to understand different perspectives. All in all, it has helped me become a better person.Chloe, 16 years
I learned how teenagers make impulsive decisions and why. It made me think more about what I do before I do it.Eric, 17 years
I always think to myself, “Where would I be if I didn’t have meditation?” I’m pretty sure I would be stressing out for no reason and my life would be a mess.Peter, 17 years

To schedule an informational school visit, contact Amy Edelstein.

Email Amy

If you have had your informational session and are ready to apply to bring the program to your school, please download the school application here.

Download Application Here
“Lovingkindness left an impact on me. I loved talking about how to improve relationships, and the challenges we face.”Serena, 15 years
“I began to understand how meditation was not just sitting and closing your eyes, but it was a way to explore the deep realms of the brain. It dawned upon me that it was a method to get to know one’s self better.” Abdul, 17 years
“I realized that awareness is important for mental health.”
Valentino, 17 years

Helping students access inner strength and see in context.

“The most important thing I learned is how to step away from stressful thoughts and to be able to see the bigger picture.”