Information for Current Classes

Semester Info

Info for starting classes and additional training during the semester.

Classroom Supplies

Our end of year donations covered composition notebooks for most of the classes so they could keep a mindfulness journal. Please arrange to pick them up from me. You can give them out in the first couple of weeks.

Please pick up your own chocolates and dates or strawberries for the Seeing Freshly-Mindful Eating. Email me receipts and I can reimburse you.

Research Surveys

We will not be doing surveys in the Spring 2017 classes.

If you would like to train so you can give out the surveys in your own class in the future, please contact me. It is an interesting online module to complete.

Teachers’ Calls

We will have our ongoing Professional Development calls weekly during the semester.

Tuesdays 5 – 6 PM.

Even if you are not teaching this semester, you are welcome to join the calls. We will take care of in-class issues, practice questions, and I’ll spend about 15 minutes on a particular theme to deepen our understanding and engagement with the material.

If you have something specific you would like to present to share with/educate the group, contact me and we can make time.

To register for the call, click this link. (Anyone who participated in last summer’s teacher training is already signed up.)

Check the schedule below for call dates.

Subsequent calls will review the week’s classes and discuss any questions, share successes and new tools, and trouble shoot issues.
We will prepare for the next week’s class.
I’ll fill you in on any significant developments at ISF.

Scheduling anomalies:
Please check the schedule below for the most updated info.

Preparing to Teach

Here are the steps before Day 1 in the classroom.


To teach in the public school we are required to have current clearances. Please send me your clearances several weeks before classes begin. More info on the Philadelphia School District website.

1. Child Abuse
2. PA State Background Check
3. FBI Clearance (Note: this may take 3-4 weeks to process. You will need to go to a place in person to get your fingerprints done.) More Info on FBI Clearances

Check “employee status” if you will receive a stipend as a independent contractor.

ISF School Calendar

Please use the ISF Google Calendar (see below) to see School Holidays and Teacher Calls. (Click on the individual entry to see address, time details)

Access the School District Calendar here.

Your Classes

See below for your School, Class Times and Weekday, Reporting Teacher, Counselor or Principal. (See calendar for details)

Please let me know if your school has additional half days or other days your classes won’t meet and I will work with the administration to ensure we get sufficient time to teach the kids.

Paperwork & Payment

Contracts, Stipends, Invoices

Contracts & Stipends

The first course you teach is considered student teaching, part of your training. You will receive a stipend for subsequent classes.

To receive compensation there is paperwork to fill out and invoices to submit. (Forms will be available online soon.)


invoices: Please number and date your invoices. Include your mailing address, the rate per class and the total due. You can combine a time sheet in the invoice or submit a separate time sheet.

Time Sheets

Time sheet details needed are: the date, school, and each class you teach. You will submit these with your invoice. If you are student teaching, please also fill out a time sheet. I still need to file these each semester.

Quick Links

For training and professional development videos and audios

Teacher Training
Weekend I

Course principals, key concepts, and 12-lesson content.

Click Here for Videos

Teacher Training
Weekend II

Detail on teaching mindfulness exercises and central lessons.

Click Here for Videos

Teacher Training
Reading List & Teleseminar Calls

Teacher Training Resources: Reading list with PDF chapters & audios from teleseminar call series

Click Here for Guide

School Classes
Live Recordings

12 classes recorded in a live school setting. Each lesson is divided into short clips.

Click Here for Audios

School Classes II
Live Recordings

Full length class recordings including discussions with students.

Click Here for Audios

Professional Development
Weekly Calls

Weekly teachers’ calls reviewing classes taught, trouble-shooting, creative ideas.

NEW SEMESTER: Spring 2017 Click Here


Meditation has improved my focus and my ability to understand different perspectives. All in all, meditation had helped me to become an all around better person.Chloe R.
Not only did this course help expand my horizons on how I perceive, it also helped me to become more aware of my surroundings and myself.Michelle L.
I always think to myself, “Where would I be if I didn’t have meditation?” I’m pretty sure I would be stressing out for no reason and my life would be a mess.Peter B.


  • Connector.Connector.

    12 Weeks

    The Teen Program runs once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.

  • Connector.Connector.

    In-School Program

    All programs are held in-school as part of a student’s regular curriculum.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Greater Philadelphia Area

    Since 2014, the Inner Strength Foundation has provided its Teen Program to 1600 students in 7 public high schools in Philadelphia.

  • Connector.Connector.


    We are committed to making the program affordable for under-funded, under-resourced public schools. Program is underwritten for most Philadelphia Public High Schools. Charter, Private, and Suburban schools please contact ISF for pricing information.

In our incredibly complicated world, it’s good to know that we, as a school, are not only preparing our students academically, but also giving them the tools provided through mindfulness training…. Our students report that they are now able to “Stop and take a look at what’s really going on inside.”Sydney Bassman

Program Areas

Mind & Awareness

Time-honored, Evidence-based Tools for Calm & Self-Reflection

Brain Science

Biological growth stages & Evolutionary conditioning

Culture & Me

Big history shows us where we come from and why our experience is colored the way it is

The Art of Relationship

For Self and Other, Learning to cultivate good habits of mind

“The stress that I felt before moving on to the next class seemed to vanish every Friday after meditation.”
“I learned how to step away from stressful thoughts and see the bigger picture.”
“It helped me communicate better with my friends and family about issues that I have/had.”