Our Vision

Our vision is of a world in which all young people are supported to realize their higher potentials and create a world of beauty and benefit to all.

Our Mission

We provide school programs that improve learning environments and that empower youth with mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and systems thinking tools.

Our Values


Care for our planet and all its creatures.


Aspiration to grow and develop ourselves, our higher potentials, and the culture we share.


Responsibility, honesty, and integrity within ourselves and in our relationships with others.


Energizing our capacity to do good and to evolve our ways of being in the world.

Our Activities

The Inner Strength Foundation provides educational tools and programs including mindfulness and cultural development trainings to broaden teens’ perspective on life, enhance their sense of possibility, and ground them in an experiential understanding of our higher human potential.

Philosophical Roots

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Short Films
ISF Program

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