The First Digital Mindfulness Badge for Teens!

Teens can now certify the skills they have learned through the new digital badge initiative sponsored by Digital OnRamps / LRNG / Drexel University.

Teens who have completed a mindfulness training for mindful breathing can upload material that showcases their expertise. Just like an Eagle Scout badge, these activities are proctored by a real person who will validate the proficiency of the youth.

Perfect for College Applications, Job Resumes, and Leadership Awards, this Mindful Me badge is now live. Students from all mindfulness programs are welcome and invited to participate.

Mindfulness Helps

↑ Focus

Time-honored, Evidence-based Tools for Calm & Self-Reflection

↓ Anxiety & Stress

Biological growth stages & Evolutionary conditioning

↑ Self Regulation

Big history shows us where we come from and why our experience is colored the way it is

↑ Empathy & Compassion

For Self and Other, Learning to cultivate good habits of mind



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    Lowers Anxiety & Reactivity

    Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety, reactivity, and associated physiological symptoms.

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    Lowers Stress

    Mindful activities have been shown to reduce stress and associated issues.

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    Increases Self Regulation

    The Inner Strength currently provides its Teen Program to 800 students in 6 public high schools in Philadelphia.

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    Increases Compassion

    We are committed to making the program affordable for under-funded, under-resourced public schools. Program is underwritten for most Philadelphia Public High Schools. Charter, Private, and Suburban schools please contact ISF for pricing information.

When our school expanded meditation for more students, the results were palpable throughout the school. Students are now calmer, less reactive, and generally seem more content and focused. Karen Thomas, Principal, Bodine High School, Philadelphia
In our incredibly complicated world, it’s good to know that we, as a school, are not only preparing our students academically, but also giving them the tools provided through mindfulness training with the Inner Strength Program. Our students report that they are now able to step back from the stresses of life, and choose to approach things from a perspective that better serves them. They can see systemically and also stop and take a look at what’s really going on inside.” Sydney Bassman, High School Counselor
Our students definitely benefited from participating in the Inner Strength Mindfulness class. They said that they were glad to practice in class because they might not have done so on their own, and it was a well-needed time to relax during a hectic school day. Some also said that the benefits continued beyond the class period as it helped them to ward off stress and sleep better at night. Many were excited to learn a skill that is useful now and will also be useful in the future.Heather Marcus, Counselor, Masterman High School, Philadelphia