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Peace or Pressure
May 2019

The Dynamics of Calm
April 2019

Cultivating Curiosity
March 2019

Practicing Love & Kindness
February 2019

Tapping Inspiration & Building Accountability
January 2019

Teen Mental Wellness, Promoting Positive Mental Health
A Special Holiday Broadcast
December 2018

Gratitude: Building a Culture of Thanks
November 2018

What is Racial Literacy? Why is this so important for mindful educators to understand?
October 2018

Back to School Mindfully: Creating shared agreements that work
September 2018

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Conscious Classroom Webinars:
Monthly, Every Third Thursday
2:00 pm US ET

Audio will be available for replay after the event.
The webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes, including one or more short mindful awareness practices.

Each month in The Conscious Classroom Webinar, Amy Edelstein, founder of Inner Strength teen program, shares reflections and practices that are working for several thousand teens in classrooms in Philadelphia. You’ll learn tools and perspectives that will support you and the teens you teach, mentor, or parent.

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20-Sep-18 Back to School Mindfully: Creating shared agreements that work
18-Oct-18 What Is Racial Literacy? Understanding the dynamics of race
15-Nov-18 Cultivating Gratitude: Building a Culture of Thanks
20-Dec-18 Teen Mental Wellness: Promoting positive mental health
17-Jan-19 Tapping Inspiration & Building Accountability
21-Feb-19 Practicing Love & Kindness
21-Mar-19 Cultivating Curiosity
18-Apr-19 The Dynamics of Calm
16-May-19 Peace or Pressure? Supporting students during testing season
20-Jun-19 Summer Break: Conscious Endings

About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein is a powerful communicator of ideas that can transform ourselves and the culture we live in. In 2014, she established the Inner Strength Foundation, which has trained over 5000 teens in Philadelphia high schools to work with the tools of mindfulness and systemic thinking and realize their higher potentials. Amy has thirty-five years experience with contemplative practice and is author of five books including The Conscious Classroom.