City Year 2018
Self Care Resource Page

August Workshop

Clip 1 Mindful Awareness & Curiosity-Cornerstones of Rejuvenation Practices

Introduction to the importance of self-care and the aspects of mindful awareness and curiosity about life that help rejuvenate our system.

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Clip 2 Brain Breaks

Exercises to help the brain release tension and refresh.

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Clip 3 How Stress Affects Our Physiology

Stress triggers the body to release cortisol. This has an important evolutionary/survival function but constant high levels of cortisol have an adverse effect on our health and well-being.

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Clip 4 Habits

Integrating self-care into our day, making it a habit that we don’t need to think twice about, helps set ourselves up for enjoyment and longevity in our work being of service to others.

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Clip 5 Ideas & Beliefs Prevent Us from Getting Support

There are many culturally conditioned ideas and beliefs as well as personal beliefs that, when unexamined, can prevent us from a healthy reaching out to connect and get the support we need to alleviate secondary stress.

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Clip 6 Mindful Breathing Instructions

Short instructions for mindful breathing stress reduction practice. Can be done daily or numerous times a day.

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Clip 7 Mindful Breathing Guided 5 minute Practice

A basic 5 minute mindful awareness exercise you can do every day or multiple times a day. Experiment with extending the amount of time.

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Clip 8 Brain Break Exercises

These standing cross-body exercises are a little vigorous. They can be done by yourself, with students in the classroom, with other City Year CorpMembers to relieve tension and allow the different parts of the brain to come back into balance.

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Clip 9 Love & Kindness Instructions

Brief instructions for the love & kindness contemplation.

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Clip 10 Love & Kindness Practice (5 min)

A guided 5 minute Love & Kindness exercise you can do everyday to help you support yourself, relieve tension, and generate a sense of reserves and positivity.

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Additional  Resources

Guided Mindfulness Audios

Download your Go Anywhere Practice Kit from Inner Strength. 

Self Care Toolkit

Download this 6 page pdf with guidelines and over 30 self-care tools you can add to your routine. 

Inner Strength Self Care Toolkit.

Open Morning Meditation by Zoom video

Simple contemplation instructions followed by a silent 30 minute session. You can join by phone or video. Weekday mornings 8 AM US ET.

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Brain Break Standing Exercises

There are a variety of websites and resources for brain balancing. These short, fun exercises help interrupt rumination, brain fog, and over stimulation.

Brain Gym pdf

More about Brain Gym.

101 Brain Breaks and Brain Based Educational Activities by Joshua MacNeill (info here)


The Conscious Classroom: The Inner Strength System for transforming the teenage mind 

Learn more about how the practice and art of mindful awareness, and the understanding of large-scale interconnectedness (also known as process philosophy or cause-and-effect) help us engage with our increasingly complex world.

Download the pdf for free here.

Purchase on Amazon. 


Conscious Classroom Webinars

Racial Literacy & Mindful Awareness Tools to Reduce Racial Stress

Access the webinar here: What is Racial Literacy? Webinar

Back to School Mindfully

Creating Shared Agreements that establish calm, curiosity, and care as foundations for the year.

Access the webinar here.