Conscious Classroom Monthly Webinars with Amy Edelstein

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Monthly, Every Third Thursday
2:00 pm US ET

Replay posted on the following Saturday at 11am US ET
(the webinar will run approx. 45 minutes)

Each month in The Conscious Classroom Webinar, Amy will share reflections on what is working in classrooms in Philadelphia with several thousand teens each year. You’ll learn tools and perspectives that will support you and the teens you teach or mentor or parent.

June 20 at 2pm US ET

Summer Break: Conscious Endings

The end of the school year is often a mixed blessing for kids – the promise of summer vacation, no more homework, rising to the next grade. Too often, the cloud of testing looms large over students and coming to the end of the school year brings more of an experience of anxiety rather than one of accomplishment. In this session, you’ll learn ways to support your students to do their best and to gain confidence from the learning and victories they’ve had over the entire year.



20-Sept. Back to School Mindfully: Creating shared agreements that work
18-Oct. What Is Racial Literacy? Understanding the dynamics of race
15-Nov. Gratitude: Building a Culture of Thanks
20-Dec. Teen Mental Wellness: Promoting positive mental health
17-Jan. Tapping Inspiration & Building Accountability
21-Feb. Practicing Love & Kindness
21-Mar. Cultivating Curiosity
18-Apr. The Dynamics of Calm
16-May. Peace or Pressure? Supports during testing season
20-Jun. Summer Break: Conscious Endings

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