Conscious Classroom Monthly Webinars

with Amy Edelstein

Monthly, Every 3rd Thursday – 2:00 pm US ET

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October 17 at 2pm US ET

Cultivating Awareness

Awareness is the foundation of personal stability, good relationships with others, and creative learning. Mindfulness techniques help teens cultivate self-knowledge – the awareness of their habits of thought and behavior, their likes and dislikes, and the way they feel happiness and sadness. This has significant implications for your classroom.

When teens learn how to understand their own reactions – what they are responding to, whether their reactions are in alignment with what is happening around them, and how to pay attention to their own impressions that will help cultivate positive qualities of self – they naturally self-regulate. Self-regulated students are easier to teach and have an easier time learning. They also have increased access to their own creative potential.

Each month, Amy Edelstein will share insights and exercises that will help you develop your own Conscious Classroom. Mark your calendars so you can tune in and learn perspectives and practices that will become staples in your Inner Strength toolkit.


19-Sept.Raising Enthusiasm
17-Oct.Cultivating Awareness
21-Nov.Expressing Gratitude
19-Dec.Amplifying Generosity
16-Jan.Developing Patience
20-Feb.Improving Friendship
19-Mar.Unleashing Creativity
16-Apr.Sharpening Focus
21-May.Inviting Calm
18-Jun.Enjoying Celebration


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