School Participation

If you are interested in being included in this seminal study on the effects of mindfulness and cultural development please print the School Cooperation Letter on your school’s letterhead, sign and return by email or post. Please then send the Parent Permission Form to the parent or guardian of each student who will be part of the study. The parents only need to return the form if they do not want their child to be part of the study.

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– School Cooperation Letter
– Parent Permission Form

Proof of Approval
– Philadelphia School Board Approval Letter
– IRB Approval Letter

Independent Research Study 2015 – 2016

Philadelphia School Board
While as teachers in the classroom, we get the benefit of seeing students light up with recognition, that smile of joy when they discover freedom from the burden of troubling thoughts and feelings. That glimpse of a student’s quiet discovery and experience of self-assurance is immeasurably precious. And when teachers tell us that the class climate has improved, that the classes that have been through the program are calmer, more cooperative, more respectful, and more at ease, it’s a powerful testament. But we know that anecdotal change is not the whole picture and to continue to improve the program and create lasting effect we need to rigorously measure and evaluate.

We are proud that the Philadelphia School Board has approved an independent research study on our program. This study will be conducted out of Syracuse University, by two expert researchers Drs. Dessa Bergen-Cico and Rachel Razza.

The study will include over 200 students, with a control group, taking pre and post data with two well-accepted scales for adolescent self-regulatory and empathy skills. Results will be published and made publicly available. It is our intention to contribute to the body of research around mindfulness interventions in the classroom.

For researchers or educators interested in more detailed information about the study and the scales used, please contact Amy Edelstein.