Audio Toolkit

Guided Meditation Audios

Mindful awareness practices help calm our minds and also recharge our bodies. When we allow our attention to become soft and porous, aware of the gentle inhalation and exhalation of life-sustaining breath, our brains have a chance to settle down. We stop generating cortisol, the stress hormone. Our blood flow normalizes and oxygenates the cortex, the problem solving parts of our brain and the digestive system for smooth thinking and functioning. These five audios, (each a 10 minute practice), guide you through different mindfulness exercises that you can use any time of the day to re-set your baseline. You’ll be practicing the habit of choosing wholesome, supportive thought to focus on, redirecting your attention away from negative and unhelpful patterns of thinking. Be easy with yourself, enjoy them, and resist the temptation to pressure yourself by “trying to get it right!”

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