Learn about the tools & techniques that have empowered 10,000 teens

  • Are you concerned about the pressures young people face in our chaotic world?
  • Are you a teacher looking for ways to provide emotional support without losing too much valuable class time?
  • Is there a teen in your life who you love and want help experience the joy of life?

In the last six years, as Inner Strength has worked with 10,000 inner city teens, we have developed insights and practices that help teens thrive. I would love to share some of them with you.

On Tuesday, March 3, at 8:00 PM US Eastern Time, you are warmly invited to a live free teleseminar Stillness Heals: tools for teens to manage stress and access their irrepressible creativity. During this session, I’ll give you valuable insights that will help you nourish teens’ well-being.

What will you learn?

• What are the main teen mental health risks?
• How does meditation support teen mental health?
• What can I do as a parent, teacher, mentor, or coach to share mindfulness practices in a way that will be welcomed by teens?

The tools you’ll learn in the Stillness Heals teleseminar are foundational to the Inner Strength teen program, which is a CASEL-recommended program and a recipient of a Philadelphia Social Innovation Award.

During Stillness Heals, you’ll learn more about trauma-sensitive perspectives and how they work hand-in-glove with a sensitive and spacious approach to mindfulness practice. We’ll do a little bit of practice so you get some hands on experience, which you get to enjoy yourself!

Join me on March 3 for this free teleseminar. Learn more about the transformative world of teaching mindful awareness to teens.

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Here’s what teens are saying:

“Inner Strength taught me self control and what it’s like to discover something new.”

– Khalil, 15 years

“Before this program, I often felt like breaking down because I would have so much homework to do in such a short amount of time. I felt like I didn’t even have time to just breathe. Then, I learned how taking five minutes every day to focus on my breathing or how my body feels would let me work more efficiently while stressing less.”

– Kevin, 16 years

“I find myself less depressed and not so apprehensive. I am leaning away from my usual pessimistic ways.”

– Tiara, 16 years

About Amy’s Programming for Teens:

“The Inner Strength System™ provides a model for both educators and students to be empowered by cultivating the inner resources of strength, resilience, and compassion that support stability in the midst of life’s challenges. Amy Edelstein skillfully shows us the power of mindful awareness in developing clarity and perspective and inner stability in teens and teachers and how these benefits can ripple out far and wide.”

– Diane Reibel, Ph.D.
Director, Mindfulness Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Co-author of Teaching Mindfulness: A practical guide for clinicians and educators

“The Inner Strength program gave my students new skills and strategies for managing themselves and learning from their relationships. The brain-based thinking was particularly useful. It gave my students a way to see their mental and emotional selves in a new light. This kind of awareness was valuable for all of us as a classroom community, because it gave us new ways to talk to each other about our experiences.”

– Kate Reber,
Teacher, International Baccalaureate English

“When our school expanded meditation for more students, the results were palpable throughout the school. Students are now calmer, less reactive, and generally seem more content and focused. Many thanks!”

– Karen Thomas
Principal, Bodine High School for International Affairs, Philadelphia, PA

“This work is a wellspring of life-giving water in the heart of the contemporary educational desert. So simple: by inviting students to lay down the burden of over-thinking and the false imperative of over-consuming, we welcome them into a vast field of stillness that reveals our essential interconnectedness, inspiring conscious action rooted in kindness for themselves and all beings. Amy Edelstein’s thoughtful pedagogy conveys exactly how to facilitate this vital revolution.”

– Mirabai Starr,
Author of Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation

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About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein is a powerful communicator of ideas and perspectives that can transform ourselves and the culture we live in. In 2014, she established the Inner Strength Foundation, which has trained almost 10,000 teens in Philadelphia high schools to work with the tools of mindfulness and systemic thinking and realize their higher potentials. Amy received a Philadelphia Social Innovation Award for Inner Strength’s work in Violence Reduction. She has 35+ years experience with contemplative practice and is author of several books including the award-winning bestseller The Conscious Classroom.