Teacher Training Videos | Part I

Training Overview

Part I Overview & Opening Practice

Amy Edelstein introduces the Inner Strength Teen Program teacher training and leads an opening mindfulness exercise for trainees.


Program Overview

The unique elements of the Inner Strength Teen Program

In this section of the Inner Strength Teacher Training, founder Amy Edelstein talks about the unique aspects of the program, her own background, the vision for the program and why she created it. Teacher trainees will get a good picture of the value of a curriculum that blends mindfulness, cultural development, and adolescent brain science.


Research Study

Syracuse University study on the Inner Strength Program

Researchers Drs. Dessa Bergen-Cico and Rachel Razza from the Department of Public Health, Syracuse University, discuss the scales used to evaluate the Inner Strength Teen Program’s effectiveness. The preliminary data show statistically significant improvement for long term self regulation and overall self management.


Defining Mindfulness & Meditation

Exploring the difference between the two terms, making distinctions between Mind, Thought, and Awareness.

In this session of the Inner Strength Teen Program teacher training, Amy Edelstein guides participants through mindfulness on the breath, sound, and and an open awareness reflection. The specific value of each type of mindfulness practice is also explored.


Values | Love & Kindness

About the Values of the Program. Guided Love & Kindness Exercise

In this section of the Inner Strength Teen Program’s teacher training, Amy Edelstein explores the values that as teachers we want to embody and to impart to our students. In the second section of the training she leads participants in a loving kindness (or as the students like to call it “love & kindness” meditation.


Cultural Development

How History Has Changed & Changes Us

In this central section of the Inner Strength Teen Program, students learn how to set their experience in the context of big changes in cultural structures. Amy Edelstein lays out examples of the shift from modernity to post-modernity and how to help students depersonalize their feelings of overwhelm and become curious explorers of their experience.


Body Scan

Guided Body Scan Exercise

Amy Edelstein guides students through the Body Scan Mindfulness Exercise and lays out how to teach it for the Inner Strength Foundation’s teen mindfulness program.


The Teenage Brain

Evolutionary Brain Development

In this section, Amy Edelstein lays out the basic parts of the brain, their evolutionary history, and the unique developmental attributes of the adolescent brain. The emphasis is on helping students connect the dots between the deeply ingrained habits of 300 million years of instinctual responses, the developmental push and physiological tricks to get us to mature and learn, and a teen’s experience of themselves.