Teacher Training Videos | Part 2

Developmental Perspective

Training Overview

Weekend Overview & Lesson Template

Amy Edelstein introduces the content for the second immersion set of classes for Inner Strength Teen Program teacher training.

Includes: The Lesson Template in detail, understanding the various sections and how to work with the lesson template blocks.


How to Approach Complex Material

Simplifying complex material & Q&A on Love & Kindness Practice

Amy Edelstein guides the opening meditation and gives an overview of this last section of the teen mindfulness teacher training. Includes questions on the Love & Kindness practice.


Evolution of the Brain

Basic functions of the parts of the brain.

Teaching students about the basic parts of the brain, their purpose, and evolutionary history.


The Teenage Brain

Evolutionary Brain Development

In this section, Amy Edelstein lays out the basic parts of the brain, their evolutionary history, and the unique developmental attributes of the adolescent brain. The emphasis is on helping students connect the dots between the deeply ingrained habits of 300 million years of instinctual responses, the developmental push and physiological tricks to get us to mature and learn, and a teen’s experience of themselves.


Cultural Development

How History Has Changed & Changes Us

In this central section of the Inner Strength Teen Program, students learn how to set their experience in the context of big changes in cultural structures. Amy Edelstein lays out examples of the shift from modernity to post-modernity and how to help students depersonalize their feelings of overwhelm and become curious explorers of their experience.


Cultural Development

A Perspective on 600 Years of Cultural Development

A big part of seeing in context is understanding the forces of cultural change over a bigger swath of time. In this session, Amy lays out the shift from modernity to postmodernity and its relevance to students’ lives.


Teen Stresses | Conscious Transitions

Guiding students to become aware of their stresses without being overwhelmed. Teaching conscious transitions and how to approach the last class.

Teens need to learn how to identify what is concerning them without becoming overwhelmed. In this session you’ll receive instruction on how to walk students through this lesson. Also covered is the final session, making transitions conscious and creating intentional endings.