Teacher Training Videos | Part 3

Classroom Teaching

Training Overview

Weekend Overview & Lesson Template

Amy Edelstein introduces the content for the second immersion set of classes for Inner Strength Teen Program teacher training.

Includes: The Lesson Template in detail, understanding the various sections and how to work with the lesson template blocks.



List of injuries and other conditions.

Conditions meditation may exacerbate and how to maintain appropriate caution and boundaries.


How to Approach Teaching

The posture of teaching

Amy Edelstein explains how to let go in order to be able to teach meditation from one’s own experience and why it is so important to teach meditation to kids.


Classroom Participation

How to Engage Students

In this section, Amy Edelstein reviews ways to engage students, encourage participation, and break the ice in classes that are quiet or reluctant to engage.


Classroom Management

Exploring the common and the difficult behavior issues.

Exploring challenging classroom issues and ways to promote respect, and engagement. Learning to pick your battles – discriminating between deeply disruptive behaviors and times to let a student be.


Research on Teen Mindfulness

Syracuse University study on the Inner Strength Program

Researchers Drs. Dessa Bergen-Cico and Rachel Razza from the Department of Public Health, Syracuse University, discuss the scales used to evaluate the Inner Strength Teen Program’s effectiveness. The preliminary data show statistically significant improvement for long term self regulation and overall self management.