Introductory Mindfulness Exercises for Teens

These two mindfulness exercises are designed for teens to use at home or in the classroom.

(They are also suitable for adults, we all need to learn to get some space from the seemingly endless chatter of our minds and to experience some ease of being.)

Both exercises have a few minutes of instruction at the beginning followed by light guidance throughout.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, with your spine straight and your head balanced at the top of your neck. Have your feet planted evenly on the floor, legs uncrossed. If you are sitting tailor seat, make sure you are comfortable and flexible enough to sit for 15 minutes without needing to stretch.

Turn off your phone ringer and your computer.

If you have questions about how to do the exercise, use the contact form or sign up for regular Q&A calls here.

Mindfulness on the Breath

Mindfulness on Sound