Inner Strength Videos

Teen mindfulness is beginning to be practiced in high schools around the country. In these videos, students and administrators speak about how mindfulness and cultural development contextualizing tools are supporting their higher aspirations. Against the backdrop of inner city challenges, these schools are cultivating an environment of calm, curiosity, and care.

Happy from the Inside

(4 MIN) Exploring happiness on a teen mindfulness retreat with students from Philadelphia’s Inner Strength program.

Mindfulness Supports Philadelphia Teens

(6 MIN) Students discover calm, context and compassion through this unique in-school training.

Preparing Students for the Future

(5 MIN) 21st Century skills involve more than STEM. To prepare our students to be leaders in a world we can’t possible envision now, they need skills that are flexible, responsive, and able to do things a new way. Mindfulness and a developmental perspective teaches students to be interested in their experience, and out of that interest and curiosity, wonders are born.

Mindfulness at School: A Philadelphia Success Story

(30 MIN) Karen Thomas, Principal at Bodine High School in Philadelphia talks about the challenges her students face and how implementing the mindfulness and cultural development program from Inner Strength is changing school climate and kid’s lives.