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These meditations were recorded in high school classes. Background noises, bells, and other ambient sounds will be present and can become part of your meditation.

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Sound Meditation

Helps quickly focus the mind and reduce distractions

By focusing on a deliberate sound, e.g. the vibrations of a bell, you can calm and collect your attention.

audio 102

Instructions for first sound meditation.

audio 201

Sound Meditation

audio 500

Sound Meditation: Practicing amidst distractions.

Open Awareness Meditation

Learning to let go and explore the experience of consciousness

In Open Awareness Meditation, you allow your attention to remain open and vast, exploring the mystery of consciousness or awareness, the sense of infinity or boundarilessness that we discover when we let go of thought.

audio clip 601

Silent Meditation

audio clip 802

Guided Meditation

Breath Meditation

Helps calm and focus the mind. Cultivates inner strength over difficult emotions & states of mind.

By gently putting your attention on the breath – a universal aspect of human experience – you can create the experience of groundedness, centeredness, and ease. You also can cultivate self-knowledge, creating distance between you and your thoughts

audio clip 103

Instructions & breath meditation

(About the nature of the mind, how to discriminate between useful and mechanical thought.)

audio clip 202

Breath Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Creates relaxation & physical awareness

With Body Scan Meditation you intentionally relax your body, helping you de-stress. These meditations can be used at night before bed to help you sleep more easily. It also cultivates awareness of our physical experience, so we become more attune to what’s happening in our bodies (and we can take care as we notice strain, injury, or tension). It also helps us be present, and feel like we’re here rather than lost in daydreams, worry, or distractions.

audio clip 405

Introduction to Body Scan Meditation

audio clip 406

Guided Body Scan Meditation

audio clip 502

Guided Body Scan Meditation

Thought Bubble Meditation

Cultivates self-knowledge, calms a busy or distracted mind, and gives objectivity on thought.

With Thought Bubble meditation, you cultivate the sense of agency over your thought process. You do not have to feel like a marionette being pulled by whatever thoughts cross the screen of your mind. This meditation enables you to create space and also see more dispassionately what you habitually think about.

audio clip 204

Introduction to Thought Bubble Meditation

audio clip 205

Thought Bubble Meditation (Guided)

Chocolate Meditation

Experiencing Freshly

Taking a very familiar action and experience, and breaking it down into its smallest component parts helps illustrate the relationship between thought (intention), automatic physiological responses (salivating), emotions (desire, expectations), and action (eating). It also introduces us to the beauty and complexity of very simple acts, bringing us to greater immediacy and appreciation for life as it is.

audio clip 603

Introduction to Chocolate Meditation – opening to your experience in new ways

audio clip 604

Chocolate Meditation – The Art of Observation
Teachers: emphasize becoming aware and approaching experience freshly without pre-drawn conclusions. Draw connections between this experience and flexibility, interest, and innocence in life.

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