Teacher Training

Part I: Foundations of Mindfulness

Part II: Developmental Perspective

You may register for The Fundamentals of Mindfulness & The Developmental Perspective separately. Successful completion of both programs are required to receive an Inner Strength Certificate of Training.

This indepth program is uniquely designed to give you the philosophy behind the practice as well as specific classroom instruction. You will work closely with a small cohort to learn how to teach the 12-week mindfulness and cultural development curriculum.

The goal of this training is to engage with the depth of mindfulness and the breadth of a developmental perspective so that when you teach you will be able to draw from the well of your own experience.

Graduates become part of a supportive teacher’s cohort, with access to ongoing weekly professional development teleconference calls and teaching opportunities.

If you’ve always wanted to share your love of stillness with teens, and you’ve wanted to connect with others dedicated to supporting this next generation, this training is an ideal opportunity.

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2019 Teacher Training Details and Registration

School Programs

We are accepting school requests for Fall 2020.

If you are a school administrator and are interested in bringing the Inner Strength Teen Program into your high school, applications are now being taken for the next academic year. These programs are run by certified mindfulness and cultural development teachers, and run for 12 consecutive weeks within the regular school’s programming.

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Conscious Classroom Webinars

Instruction, information, and Practice for Teens, Teachers, & Parents

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Conscious Classroom Webinars explore ways to energize the classroom with curiosity, compassion, and calm.

Each session includes periods of mindful awareness practice, instruction & exploration, and Q&A.

These sessions are open to all, regardless of where you trained, teach, or practice. Please note: Teen Webinars Hours are dedicated to individuals 19 years old and younger.

Register by signing up below and selecting the category that applies to you. You will receive information about upcoming sessions via email.

Morning Mindfulness

Virtual Video Practice Mon -Fri 8 AM US ET

“The best discipline is company.” Wise words indeed. If you would like to augment your personal mindfulness practice with light instruction and group support, join these weekday half-hour virtual practice sessions guided by Amy Edelstein.

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