In this dialog I will speak with master meditation teacher Jeff Carreira about why and how I teach mindfulness to teens and the ways I see their lives profoundly changing as a result.

In classrooms from England to Australia, Frankfurt to Philadelphia, teenagers are learning to be still and look within. The ancient contemplative art of mindfulness is proving to be invaluable to help modern teens handle everything from chronic anxiety to the lure of drugs and alcohol, from social media bullying to isolation and depression.

Four years ago, after spending three decades immersed in the study and practice of various forms of meditation and transformational philosophy, Amy Edelstein moved to Philadelphia and decided to bring the best of what she’d experienced to support students in the public high schools of the poorest of America’s ten largest cities.

The results and insights, documented in her acclaimed book The Conscious Classroom: the Inner Strength System™ for transforming the teenage mind have been nothing less than inspiring.

In this dialog Amy will share the key building blocks of her system for transforming the perspective and experience of teens and why mindfulness on its own is not enough. She will speak about her work with over 3800 youth and why it is giving her great hope for the future.

Jeff Carreira is a masterful interviewer and a teacher passionately dedicated to the transformation and upliftment of the culture we share. In his younger years he was also a special education teacher and the director of a group home for adjudicated youth. He brings his big heart, awakened consciousness, and familiarity with the entrenched problems teens face to this dialog.

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Amy Edelstein

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Here’s what students are saying:

“I learned how to separate my thoughts from myself to maintain inner peace.”

– Student, 16 years

“Meditation helped me relax, release my stress and open my mind so I could find solutions for my troubles.”

– Student, 16 years

Here’s what some thought leaders are saying

“The Inner Strength System™ provides a model for both educators and students to be empowered by cultivating the inner resources of strength, resilience, and compassion that support stability in the midst of life’s challenges. Amy Edelstein skillfully shows us the power of mindful awareness in developing clarity and perspective and inner stability in teens and teachers and how these benefits can ripple out far and wide.”

– Diane Reibel, Ph.D.
Director, Mindfulness Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Co-author of Teaching Mindfulness: A practical guide for clinicians and educators

“The Inner Strength System™ is a wellspring of life-giving water in the heart of the contemporary educational desert. So simple: by inviting students to lay down the burden of over-thinking and the false imperative of over-consuming, we welcome them into a vast field of stillness that reveals our essential interconnectedness, inspiring conscious action rooted in kindness for themselves and all beings. Amy Edelstein’s thoughtful pedagogy conveys exactly how to facilitate this vital revolution.”

– Mirabai Starr,
Author of Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation

“When our school expanded meditation for more students, the results were palpable throughout the school. Students are now calmer, less reactive, and generally seem more content and focused. Many thanks!”

– Karen Thomas
Principal, Bodine High School for International Affairs, Philadelphia, PA

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About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein is a powerful communicator of ideas that can transform ourselves and the culture we live in. In 2014, she established the Inner Strength Foundation, which has trained over 3800 teens in Philadelphia high schools to work with the tools of mindfulness and systemic thinking and realize their higher potentials. Amy has thirty-five years experience with contemplative practice and is author of five books including The Conscious Classroom.

About Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a meditation teacher and a contemporary philosopher with an international following. He is the author of seven books exploring the practice of meditation and the philosophy of inner growth. He has been leading workshops and retreats and teaching courses and programs that have guided thousands of people throughout the world to discover higher human capacities of perceiving and caring.