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Homework Assignment

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Lesson Two


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Q&A Session

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Lesson Three


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Lesson Four


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Lesson Five


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Interactive Lesson

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Lesson Six


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Lesson Eight


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Final Q&A

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Orientation Information


Feb 6 – Mar 27

Tuesdays: 8PM – 9:30PM US ET

Mon-Fri: Live 30 minute guided meditation practice


Feb 6 90-minute interactive video class
Feb 13 90-minute interactive video class
Feb 20 90-minute interactive video class
Feb 27 90-minute interactive video class
Mar 6 90-minute interactive video class
Mar 13 90-minute interactive video class
Mar 20 90-minute interactive video class
Mar 27 Final Session

Main Links

Our Virtual Classroom

How do you get to class?

Classes are Tuesday evenings from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM US Eastern Time. Please come to class at least five minutes early so you are prepared and set up and can work out any technical issues before we start. Please bring all your materials that you’ll need during the class.

Our classes are going to be conducted by Zoom, video-conference. You can join the class using your computer and have video so you can see me and the other participants in your small groups, or you can join the class by phone.

Classes have an interactive component. You can “raise your hand” virtually to ask a question. You will have a technical orientation at the beginning of the first class. Part of the way you will learn to teach is by practicing with each other. Even though you may feel self-conscious at first (believe me, we all have at one time or another!) this is how you’ll practice and develop a mindfulness vocabulary that is most authentic and most comfortable for you. It is better to make mistakes in this safe space with each other than in front of a classroom of teens.

If you have to miss a class for unavoidable reasons, please email me and let me know.

The video of the classes will be posted the next day so you have access to the lesson afterwards.

What To Bring To Class

  • Practice Journal
  • Notebook for Class Notes
  • A bell or timer app for your practice teaching sessions
  • Water and anything else to keep you comfortable during class.

You will be doing several types of writing In this class. Likely, you want to take your own lesson notes either during the live class or watching the video again after class. You will have some assignments which will be handed in. We will also be doing some personal journaling/contemplative writing exercises.

I recommend having a separate notebook for your personal journaling exercises. This will encourage you to be more creative and free with your contemplative writing. You can keep your teaching notes organized in a separate notebook.

Preparing The Space

We are more organized and attentive when we have everything we need and when our space is organized and conducive for focus, learning, and creative contemplation.

In a classroom you get to set that up beforehand.

In our virtual classroom, we each have to prepare our space.

Have an area set up where you will be comfortable sitting for 90 minutes. Be in a space where you can minimize distractions from other people, pets, interruptions. Since we will be in class together, when one of us is distracted it affects the whole room. Let’s create an environment of ease.

Check your technology and make sure it all works.

Zoom Call-in Information

Step 1

Click on the URL:

You will enter our “meeting room.”

(If this is the first time that you have used Zoom, a download will instantly open. Click to install your zoom video interface. You will be requested to fill out a sign in form, choose your name and password. This is a free service. Please try this before our first class so you’re familiar with the interface.)

Step 2

Click on the “Gallery View” icon on the top right of your screen if you’d like to see everyone else in the virtual room.

You can turn your own camera off if you’d prefer. Everyone will still know you are in the room without your live video.

Alternate Phone Access

If you would like to join by phone, you can dial either of these access numbers:

  • +1 408 638 0968
  • +1 646 558 8656

When you are prompted, enter our meeting room number: 933-534-5788

When it asks for a participant number, press: #

(Remember to mute your phone so the meditation stays quiet for everyone. Thank you!)

Homework | Weekly Assignments

— Questions for Contemplation

Weekly Assignments

Each week I will give you a question for contemplation. That question sometimes will be for your own reflection or practice and sometimes I will have you turn those in. To fit a training into what I imagine is your already very busy life–and make sure you get enough practice in–I have found that homework assignments help. If the idea of homework fills you with dread or concern, notice it! Your students often feel this way. And don’t worry, I will work with you.

I’ve created a shared document where I will post my edited responses to individual homework assignments so everyone can benefit from the comments. You are free to comment (but not edit) this document.

Access Amy’s Homework Comments here

Access Cohort Comments Document here Share your thoughts, questions, interesting books, articles, audios with everyone in the cohort.

Please send homework to amy AT

— Practice

5 times per week for the duration of the course (8 weeks)

One aspect of the teacher training is supporting you to experience a consistent practice of meditation/mindfulness/contemplative practice 5 days a week for 8 weeks. This is important so you become familiar with the various states of mind – excitement to resistance – that your students may experience. It will give you experience to draw from so you are using your own words and examples that you are familiar with.

Practice Log: Please keep a log of your practice sessions. You will turn this in at the end of the class as part of your final assignment.

Access Practice Log template here

Weekday Virtual Meditation Sessions

I lead a 30 minute virtual meditation session weekdays, Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 AM US Eastern Time. If you are able and would like to join, that’s a great way to support your practice. Use the same Zoom login info. You can join by phone, video, or no-video. Make sure to mute your mic so the practice room stays quiet. I give some guidance at the beginning then we sit for 30 minutes.

Virtual Meditation login:


Required Reading

Click the reading tab to access all the reading assignments.

There is a short list of required reading assignments that are required reading. You’ll receive a separate email over the next few days with the readings. I have prepared PDFs of the relevant pages. I would encourage you to read more of these works as they all have valuable insights and will become part of your Teen Mindfulness Resource Shelf.

Inspired Reading

I have prepared a longer list of books from a variety of authors that I’ve found inspiring, insightful, or valuable to illuminate the issues related to teaching mindfulness in the classroom. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a favorite book you think I should add, please share it with me. Peruse these at your leisure and enjoy! (This will be posted a little later on in the course.)

Final Examination

There will be a final evaluation which will include a written responses as well as a call with me. We’ll set those up outside of class time so I can get to everyone.

The Final Exam will give me the opportunity to see what you have learned and what your preparedness and comfort level teaching is. It will give me the opportunity to make suggestions so you can continue to develop and deepen. And it will give us the opportunity to celebrate successes and growth together.

Once our program begins, I will set up an appointment sheet with a number of times so you can schedule your final evaluation at a time that works for you.

Practice Partners

View practice partner sign up
View practice log template (Download to your computer so you can keep your own weekly log of your mindfulness practice.)

Book Your Final Appointment:

Appointments are available between March 29th and April 2nd, 2018.
Please select the date you are interested in to view available time slots.

Please call 1-267-521-2650 on the hour for your final 45-minute review.

If you need to call over internet, please use our regular zoom room. Don’t forget to email me to let me know that you want to use zoom.
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